Wanda Steele


Love this store. Good stuff for farming and decorating..friendly home folks!!

Benjamin Stanley


Super friendly staff, surprisingly great selection and variety of products.

Diane Calderon


Excellent, as always. Everything I need at a really good price.

Iris Voelker


Good selection and wonderful service. Found just what I was looking for.

Zachary Garner


Very helpful and friendly staff. Has a great variety of farm and animal related products.

Jackelyn Ballou


The guys in the grain house know alot and can be helpful on more then just what animals eat. They have spent time on a farm.

Tony Haywood


Great selection of stuff. You call call for answers for questions, always willing to help.

Joe M


Nice staff, good selection of fertilizer, live stock feed and garden/bedding plants. They have some hardware supplies, but not the best local choice for hardware type items.

Brian Phillips


During hurricane Florence (well, leading up to it) this was the ONLY place I could find that was taking names and making a list to dole out generators when they came in. Every place else was first come, first serve, so if you didn't happen to be there when they arrived, you were out of luck. Thanks Farm Supply for GOING THE EXTRA MILE and taking luck out of the equation! Now my family has one less thing to worry about going into this stressful situation!

Garry Meldrum


Talked to Reed about our move to the area, clearing a lot and establishing a pasture. He gave me a wonderful mini course on the steps that needed to be taken. Outstanding customer service!

Alexis Boyce


Seems they always have what you're looking for, nice variety. Friendly staff

Lindsey Irby


Great place!! Everyone is very knowledgeable about anything in the store!! They know what they are doing!!

Benjamin Keefer


Super knowledgeable staff and great product selection. They also have livestock in season and seeds for year round gardening.