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We’re pleased to offer King’s Agriseeds Cover Crop and Pasture Seeds


King’s AgriSeeds services the Southeast by providing a full line of forage seed, Masters Choice corn hybrids and cover crop seed. Their products are superior – but they must be grown and managed correctly. They understand and respect the many challenges in farming, whether you are just getting started or are deeply familiar with alternative forages or cover crops. Reid Whitaker is here to guide you from planting to feeding, and help you experience the jump in productivity that is possible with the best quality feed.

Forages – King’s AgriSeeds specializes in perennial and annual mixtures designed for your backyard and offer a full line of improved varieties from around the world selected for local performance. They have been focusing on high quality forages since 1993 when their company was founded by Aaron King, a dairy grazier. They offer a comprehensive line of forages including certified organic.


Cover Crops – Cover crops are rapidly gaining popularity for many uses ranging from no-till grain production to organic farming. No-till farmers are finding that cover crops are a major key to successful transition and continual productivity. Organic and vegetable farmers have also increased their use of cover crops. King’s AgriSeeds ha developed several mixtures of cover crops that can improve your soils productivity and reduce your fertility costs at the same time.

Masters Choice Corn – Masters Choice hybrids are unique to the industry. They fit into two major use areas: The first is livestock feed as either corn silage or digestible grain. Starch digestibility is the latest focus for farmers and nutritionists. Masters Choice hybrids have high starch digestibility and higher sugar levels when used as a silage. The second major use of Masters Choice corn is for the grain pipeline and MC hybrids yield exceptionally well with or without traits. Masters Choice has an excellent selection of conventional non-traited corn, several certified organic hybrid and many traited hybrids.


Download King’s Agriseed’s comprehensive, 76-page color catalog that includes their newest products including perennial mixtures, grasses, legumes and warm and cool season annuals.